Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) Rugby

The Best Is Yet To Be!

About Us

Our Humble Beginnings

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) Rugby was first formed in 1988 by Mr Choo Khoon Beng, a former teacher of the school which was then Anglo-Chinese Primary School (ACPS) at Coleman Street. The team comprised of only 26 players from Primary 4 to 6. Trainings mainly involved some running and lots of mini-games. This continued when ACPS shifted to Barker Road in June 1994 and was renamed Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) Primary. At the Barker Road campus, there was ample space to train with a huge field adjacent to Bukit Timah Road where the present carpark and swimming pool now sits. Several old boys and parents were very supportive and assisted in the training sessions, allowing the CCA (then called ECA) to grow and develop.

Until 2005 when the U11 Junior Division was introduced, there was only one National Primary Schools tournament for Mini-Rugby (U13) which St. Andrews Junior School (SAJS) were the perennial champions of. In the early 1990s, ACPS or ACS (Barker Road) Primary were their fiercest rivals, always meeting them in the finals and occasionally beating them to the title. In 1993, ACPS were finally crowned champions beating SAJS with our very own Coach Melvin being part of that team. Once again, in 1996, ACS (Barker Road) Primary took the Cup back with a resounding victory over SAJS at the Padang. However, thereafter our form took a slide with years where we did not even make the quarter-finals. This slide coincided with the shift in 1999 to a new campus at Ah Hood Road in order for renovation of the Barker Road Campus. The school was then renamed Anglo-Chinese School (Primary).

During that period at Ah Hood Road, ACS (P) Rugby underwent a period of rebuilding with several different coaches running training until 2002 when Coach Kee Fei was invited to assist in helping the CCA. Slowly but surely, through Godís grace, the CCA slowly grew with wonderful support from parents. Now, ACS (P) Rugby has 100 players from Primary 2 to 6 competing in various local and overseas tournaments. We have also finally captured a national title this year with the U11 team performing exceptionally well. Indeed, the Best is Yet to Be!


ACS (P) Rugby Programme

ACS (P) Rugby is run by devoted Old Boys who firmly believe in imparting our love for the school and the sport to the boys. We believe that Rugby truly builds character especially in boys at a young age; learning to play as one team of 15 individuals, respecting both the opposition and the referee always, humility to learn from others, self-control in playing hard and fair, just to name a few. Our hope is that the boys pick up these values and carry them throughout the rest of their lives. The coaches have varied respective expertise and experience but they complement one another well. All of us have at least an IRB (International Rugby Board) Level 1 Coaching Certificate while some have coached at higher levels Ė secondary schools and above.

Our activities include the usual weekly training sessions, friendly matches with both local and expatriate teams, yearly camps and the annual tour to Kuala Lumpur. There is ample opportunity for every player to represent the school and we desire that each of them will wear the ACS jersey and step onto the field at least once.  We have a squad of about 100 players, mostly from Primary 2 to Primary 6 and are constantly looking to expose more boys to the sport!